The process is easier than you think. All it takes to start the process is a conversation and in just 4 steps we will put your debt behind you once and for all.

  1. Review. Our professional debt management team and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will meet with you in person to carefully review your current financial situation, explain the debt solutions available to you and create a personalized plan to suit your unique circumstances. We will always treat you with compassion, respect and without judgment.
  2. Relief. In addition to the emotional and stress relief you will feel upon taking control of your finances, you will also experience immediate relief and protection from creditors. As soon as your Licensed Insolvency Trustee files your Consumer Proposal or Personal Bankruptcy documents, debt collectors are legally prevented from contacting you or initiating any legal proceedings against you, such as wage garnishment. This includes Canada Revenue Agency and other government overpayment recoveries.
  3. Resolution. We will not be satisfied until all your financial concerns are resolved fully and completely. All negotiations, administration and procedures will be managed by your Licensed Insolvency Trustee with the utmost care and professionalism. We will guide and support you from start to finish.
  4. Reset. Live debt free! After effectively dealing with your past financial challenges, we can help you reset your personal finances and create a bright future for yourself. We can assist you with budgeting, money management, re-establishing your credit and achieving financial stability.
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