Helping you relieve debt

Now more than ever, we are here to provide caring and compassionate help to people struggling with debt. We are available for FREE consultations during the current COVID-19 crisis and we can offer full service by telephone and video to ensure your safety.

Debt Relief Services


Consumer Proposals


Personal Bankruptcy

We are a local firm servicing the Southwestern Ontario region from Mississauga to Hamilton, and through the Niagara area. Our firm’s experience helping people dates back 55 years and we are still offering personalized service to help you understand your options, choose a solution that is right for you, and reach your goal of re-starting your life debt free. You stay with us from start to finish – we won’t transfer you off to a processing centre where you are just a file number.

Vine and Williams

As federally Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we can offer a full range of options to help you deal with all of your debts including:

  • income tax, HST and other government debts
  • credit cards, unsecured lines of credit, loans
  • payday loans and lines of credit
  • student loans if you’ve been out of school 7 years
  • phone bills and other overdue accounts
  • car loans if you surrender the car

Keep your house, car, RRSP, life insurance and other assets … ask us how!

We can stop collection calls, wage garnishments including by CRA, and legal action by your creditors. Don’t lose sleep … call us at 1-833-808-8463 instead and let us help relieve your stress!

Your situation is unique and we will work with you to deal with all of your debts. If a consumer proposal or bankruptcy is not right for you, we will help you with alternatives. No pressure and no up front fees.

People we’ve helped

  • Thanks for your help today. On what was turning out to be a pretty sad day, you made a big difference. For that I am grateful.

  • Theresa was referred to me by a close friend. I can only state that my dealings with her have been professional, personable, goal-oriented and, in fact, delightful. Quite impressive I think given the difficult situation I have been in. I would welcome the opportunity to recommend Theresa and, hence, Vine and Williams, to any friend or acquaintance.

  • I just wanted to thank you for meeting me last week. You made, what was for me a difficult situation, very comfortable.

  • Words may not actually say what I want to say but I hope in some measure to convey my sincere thanks for all you have done for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I have been struggling with debts and student loans for many, many years after my divorce and felt overwhelmed… living on cash advances and hiding from creditors. Walter Williams took his time listening to my past struggles and how I ended up in this predicament, taking the time to lay out my options and answer any and all questions I had. I was so relaxed and content that what I was doing was the right thing for ME. Claiming bankruptcy was not the end of my life, but the beginning of a more confident and cautious time in my life.”